Phone Tracer

General info about Phone Tracer

Phone Tracer as a software solution which helps to locate geographically the owner of the GPS powered mobile device. Phone Tracer tracks device owner movements according to the time scale.

Phone Tracer is a 2-components solution: Phone Tracer Mobile and Phone Tracer web site. Phone Tracer Mobile is an application that runs on the GPS powered mobile device in the foreground and record periodically GPS coordinates of the device. Then in defined period of time recorded coordinates together with optional message are submitted to the Phone Tracer web site. As a result of such submission you can track your mobile device using Phone Tracer web site.

Target audience of Phone Tracer

In general the target audience of the Phone Tracer application is made up of:

•    mobile phone users (in case the phone is stolen, or to track one’s location/path)
•    vehicle owners (enterprises use Phone Tracer to track the drivers of their vehicles)
•    parents (for tracing their kids when they are alone)
•    old people (for emergency case)

Phone Tracer target audience is manifold, because it is important as for an individual, so for a company.

Private users use Phone Tracer mostly for security reasons, tracing someone’s location or in case of stolen phone. Phone Tracer is also used for fun, for example making notes of ones journey and showing it on the map.
Enterprises track their managers during important and risky tasks, vehicles to trace their route and couriers to optimize their work.

Additionally you can receive a report about the definite period of time in a convenient view.

Use cases for Phone Tracer

•    Mobile phone tracing

Now you can always be aware where your phone is situated. This may be important in case your phone has been stolen or you have forgotten it somewhere. In such cases, if you are an active user of Phone Tracer you don’t have to worry any more. Just activate the application and it will record your route, addresses and notes.

•    Children and old people care

Children and old people need special care and attention. Sometimes it is impossible to keep pace with quick kids, or curious old people. You can easily control you children way from school to home place. Using Phone Tracer allows to follow and track your dear relatives.

•    Vehicles tracking

If you are an owner of enterprise, or a transportation company, you can take advantage of tracking of all your vehicles. Now you will stay in touch with the whole way of every driver from the start point to the destination point. Phone Tracer gives you great possibility to get reports about the vehicles location.

Application installation and tuning

The process of installation is simple and requires no additional skills. You will need Bluetooth, data cable or Nokia PC Suite and send the installation SIS File to your mobile. The installation starts automatically after you confirm that you want to install Phone Tracer.

Depending on the phone you will be able to start Phone Tracer in the following ways:
•    Click on the Menu button and start Phone Tracer
•    Click on the Menu button, next choose My Own button, afterwards start Phone Tracer

Target mobiles

Phone Tracer is compatible with the Nokia Series 60 3rd edition devices with GPS on board:

Nokia 6650
Nokia N78
Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6220 classic
Nokia N96
Nokia N82
Nokia N95-3 NAM
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N95

Mobile phones Nokia Series 60 3rd edition with no GPS implemented, can have Bluetooth GPS installed and used with Phone Tracer.

Start tracking

To start working with Phone Tracer after installation you have to activate it, clicking on the Active button.

Additionally you will have to modify the device settings which you can access clicking the Settings button in the main screen:

•    Submit URL – indicates HTTP address of the submit URL
•    Track period – indicates a number of minutes in which GPS coordinates should be stored
•    Submit period – indicates a period of time in which all content of geo store should be submitted to the web site
•    Device name – to modify the device name that will be displayed in the reports

Also it is possible to modify the device settings from the Phone Tracer web-site after you login and add your device.

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